The red, blue and green gradation curves are my Lightroom tip for bloggers. Motif has native resizing tools that can quickly and efficiently get the photo to the size you need. The lower the ISO, the darker the image and vice versa. Canva is a popular photo editor that you can use to create beautiful photos with text overlay and other effects for your Instagram Stories. You can do much more than simply slap a filter on a photo and post it to Instagram. Advanced editing tools, like tone curve that changes color, exposure, and contrast. If you have worked out a nice filter for your Instagram feed, you can save the settings directly on your phone and use it again and again. These are all my opinions so take what you find useful and leave the rest. Are you trying to evoke a particular emotion? If you do so, you increase your chances of being featured for the hashtags you use, which ultimately … If you’re a shutterbug wanting to craft more professional images or a photo book enthusiast looking for additional creative tools, we’ve got ten professional photo editing tips to get you started. Here are a few tips to make your Instagram pics pop. Best Instagram Photo Editor Apps 2019: In this post, we are going to share with you some of our favorite Photo editor apps for instagram which can be used for creating, designing, and editing Instagram Photos that stand above the rest. The number one, best photography tip we can offer beginners is this: experiment and have fun. Yes, that sounds scary, but hear us out. The Beautiful and - above all - free filters make the app the best editing app besides 1. Do you still have questions about editing your instagram images? Editing programs do offer an option to upscale resolution. In order to optimize your pictures for instagram, you should set the Lightroom manual first temperature, brightness, contrast, lights, depths, white, black and saturation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with framing when resizing. Instagram makes it easy to play around with the Tools, and figure out the best way to edit each photo. This tells the camera where to look and sorts out lighting, largely (in more technical terms, it sets the focus and exposure where you tap). Are you looking to make a particular color stand out? You can always scale it down. The resulting image may be a bit grainy, but this can be tempered in post-process editing. When editing your Instagram pictures with an app, you should refrain from using the built-in Instagram Freebies for Editing Instagram Photos. If you’re inside, open the windows & embrace that natural light. If you have an off-camera flash, you can experiment with indirect light but, when it doubt, leave it out. My photography has come a very long way, and now it’s time for yours to, too! Since then, I mainly work with Lightroom, while I sometimes still use  VSCO and Snapseed. Then let me know in the comments or write me directly on Instagram! Richard Schneider has a detailed low-light photography infographic on Picture Correct.