The first thing you face when you type “poker chips” into your search engine is the vast number of styles and prices. This is another example of poker chip priorities. So why doesn’t every player go with unlabeled chips? What’s more, nowadays you can find these chips in a wide variety of styles, both labeled (if you like denominations) and unlabeled (if you prefer a plain or customizable surface). They have space for 168 chips. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! I discuss all of these advantages elsewhere in this article. The fake casino logo dominates the field and muscles out the most functional aspect of the design: the denomination. Probably not, and especially if you’re two hours into the game. You can even order sets online from companies that will (for a fee) foil-stamp the chips with your initials or custom denominations. Like an optical illusion, my eyes don’t quite know where to focus. Enhance your at-home poker playing with our wide selection of custom poker chips, poker playing cards, and other unique poker merchandise.Our poker chips boast a professional appearance with your own full-color logo or print, making them a great choice for your cash games and tournaments. Likewise, the molds offer interesting patterns like the gear (or square wave) design around the example $5 chip from Claysmith’s “The Mint” line. Our chips are high quality clay poker chips with the classic clay poker chip … In that case, you could substitute white $1 chips for the blue ones I recommend and green $25 chips for the yellow $20 chips. These are serviceable chips that are cheap and readily available in almost any color you like. You can store 6x$1000 and 1 start player marker in the free 7. Take a look at the following two photos with Super Diamonds on the left and typical dice chips on the right. Big Blind Products 100 Piece Premium Poker Chip Set Set for Upscale Vegas-Style Poker Nights - Durable, Poker Chips with Denominations, Casino Weight Chips with Gift Box - Casino Chips. These aesthetic details matter to me, but perhaps they don’t matter to you. Also worth noting, while many manufacturers use a textured surface to aid with grip, I’ve heard reports that these surfaces can wear down to a smooth surface over time (purportedly a big problem with chips like Nile Clubs). For just this reason, some players report that labels serve as a distraction once you get used to unlabeled chips. And all of this assumes that Vegas is the best standard to adopt in the first place. Different casinos use both white and light blue for $1 chips, and all sorts of colors (including grey and orange) for $20 chips. In other words, when it comes to $20 chips in Vegas, if they exist, there is no standard. You rarely if ever see them, and if you do, you’re probably sitting at a baccarat table or in a poker room. While Claysmith’s website is in a sorry state of disrepair, you can still find their chips at a number of online retailers. Generate your own play money by putting in a picture of yourself. The website photos do not accurately represent the color you’ll perceive in person, which is washed out, almost faded, and absolutely disappointing. Note that the app only works with the five denominations listed above. At the table, they’re fine. — but are they as functional at the table as the dice chips on the righthand side? 6 9 0. $500 18. On the other hand, advantages include easy customization and availability (i.e., simplicity). I sometimes see them marketed as “Suited Chips,” and I most often see them included in the “premium” mass-market sets by Cardinal. How much is it going to bother you if you can’t precisely calculate the value of a chip stack at a glance? Monte Carlo 12.5g 3 Tone Holographic Poker Chips (25/Pkg) $4.85. However, it’s important to remember that 18xx itself is the same no matter if you’re playing with an off-the-shelf set of cheap chips from Target or a fully customized set of China Clays from Apache Poker Chips. * Prices are listed on an average per chip basis for a set of three hundred, not including a case. First, you have the type of chips that have become ubiquitous: the “Dice” or sometimes “Striped Dice” chips that are sold everywhere from Target and Amazon to specialty poker supply shops. Are you surprised? The graphic design is also pleasant, with tricolor edge spots that evoke classic casino designs. Create one yourself! Rest assured, they aren’t clay, but they do begin to simulate the high quality casino-grade poker chip, which is perhaps why so many manufacturers are quick to apply the “clay” moniker. If the label is poorly designed, the problem is exacerbated. We Offer Poker Chips in Over Two Dozen Styles, Including Custom Imprinted Poker Chips and Stock Poker Chips. by charlesavila626 Jun 8, 2020 . If you take a look at a stack, you’ll notice the colors all start to bleed into each other. You might as well use paper money. Contrast is excellent. The two blues being right next to each other doesn’t help. 12 Gram Triple Striped (Tri Color) Poker Chips (25/Pkg) Probably due to the material, the colors of Milano chips are more muted than anything else in the Claysmith line. Labeled chips reduce all of these problems to zero. Of course, in comparison to 500-chip sets, Da Vinci Premium Striped Poker Chip Set doesn't seem so large. First, the colors are brighter, or perhaps bolder. The first serviceable category are chips that, like Grade 0, are made from plastic; however, now we’re talking thick plastic, typically with a metal disk in the middle to give the chip heft. Depending on who you talk to, the answer to whether labels are a must or a blight is going to be different. So instead of having an easy instinctual feel for what each chip is worth, labeled chips force them to read the face every time. Hunt around until you find something you’re happy with. You’re done. Nowadays your standard set of labeled poker chips available for purchase offers a selection of white $1 chips, red 5s, dark blue 10s, green 25s, light blue 50s, black 100s, and purple 500s. Perhaps keep in mind you’ll use your chips with all your 18xx games, which is a better return on investment than most individual titles in your collection. Casinos usually have custom-designed chips with the monetary value and the name of the casino printed or engraved on the face. When it comes time to play with another established group of players, you want to make sure you’re speaking the same language, and that means using the same standardized set of colors as everyone else. What’s odd is the Nile Club chips have little to no texturing that I can detect with my bear hands! On the low end, you don’t want junk plastic, and on the high end, few people can afford custom-ordered casino chips. What matters is that you find a set of chips within your budget that increases speed and accuracy of gameplay, and that you and your fellow players find aesthetically pleasing. Truth be told, $20 chips in Vegas are unicorns. ), and so the spots are worth considering. You’ll certainly find additional examples while shopping. The labels are terrible. There are groups who love lots of different denominations (even going so far to include odd denominations like $2). They have distinct sound and feel to them. 500 Poker Chip Sets with Black Aluminum Case Black Aluminum Case with Red Felt Interior Includes Playing Cards and Buttons 2 Stripe Twist, King's Casino and More. 21% Off All Custom Chips, Sets, and More. With that said it makes it … While I recommend using as few colors as necessary, any group with any set is going to have to learn the color progression, which can be surprisingly difficult for some people. That can be invaluable as a time-saver (you don’t have to ask your opponent how much cash he’s holding) as well as a way to keep your plans secret (if you ask Amber how much money she has, she’ll know you’re up to something! First, you might take a look at NexGen chips, specifically the “Pro Classic” series. At those prices, you’re starting to approach casino level Grade 5 chips, which is really quite expensive for what you’re getting. Clay poker chips are sold in rolls of 25 or 50 depending on design. On the high end, well, just don’t do it! The major difference between ceramic chips and nearly everything else I’m talking about here is that, with a ceramic, the design is embedded directly on the underlying chip material via dye sublimation (i.e., baked on with a heated press) from edge to edge and even on the side of the chip. You won’t know what you like until you’ve developed a sense of what’s available. By way of example, the cheapest ceramic chips run 39¢ per chip (e.g., Nile Club), which puts them in the same price range as Grade 4 China clay chips (see below). These methods work, but they’re sub-optimal and slow the game down. They argue that a wide range of options makes for efficient payouts. You do, however, want to be careful because price doesn’t always correspond with a higher friction surface. I don’t know what happened with the blue, but the Majestics miss the mark. There’s no way around it, if you want poker chips with 18xx appropriate labels, you’ll have to pay more money — either for one of the few sets that come with $20 chips, or more likely for custom labels. Putting aside my personal preferences against grey, some sort of standard is a good idea to encourage inter-group harmony. However, convention held that white was the lowest and blue was the highest (hence the term, “blue chip stock”). If you shop for used sets, you can get them for a song. It’s unique! Everything takes on a faded look that you may or may not like. from Target for $30 or less? You can pick them up for about 32¢ a chip. European Style Rectangular 32g Holographic Poker Plaques (each) $2.99. However, I wouldn’t make that bet. More than the specific plastic used, the manufacturing process is high quality. Poker Chip Set . The Poker Store is your heaven for all poker supplies. Сustomizable poker chips + chip tray . by miyanishi Oct 22, 2019 . Most importantly for 18xx, $25 chips are awkward. The type of plastic used to make the chips, combined with the fine crosshatch pattern on each chip’s face, make for a surprisingly high-friction surface — which in turn means you don’t run into any of the slipperiness issues you do with dice chips. One thing to keep in mind no matter what chips you buy is whether you’ll be purchasing blank chips, and then whether you’ll be ordering custom labels. They look cheap, feel cheap, and sound cheap. We specialize in custom game layouts! Finally, we have to talk about price, which is really all over the map, and in my opinion always higher than they’re worth unless you want to design a chip from the ground up yourself. Chips have a stylized rose in a fleur-de-lis shape. If you want something completely original, ceramics may be the way to go. John Wayne's Official Texas Lottery Prize Pack Official Collector's Edition #69 of only 1830 made. by czehe May 7, 2020 . Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I like my poker chips to look a little more muted, and a little less loud than the designs available now through most manufacturers. But depending on the day you ask me, I find them distracting. I mean, seriously, who would be crazy enough to do that? I chose yellow chips for my $20 chips, and while using yellow for 20s is gaining a small amount of momentum amongst 18xx players, it’s hardly standard. The roman times true clay poker chip is an exclusive chip that truly feels like a casino poker chip. Aside from a wide variety of stock designs, you can customize your set. I’ll also note that using blue and yellow for $1 and $20 respectively is not an outlandish or even controversial choice except in a few 18xx circles. On the other hand, the arguments in favor of both sides aren’t that complicated. Finally, I’m not sure I like the color progression on the edge spots, despite my preference for the triangle and stick design overall. What are my concerns? The cheap chips from Target will certainly serve you well, and if you’re tight on cash, go for it! Or at least it would be that simple if you ignore cost. If you had to, I bet you could quickly count up the number of chips in each of the three front-most stacks of dice chips. You can usually tell them apart because they have a softer matte surface compared with the hard, shiny finish of a typical dice chip. I can’t say that any color dominated over the rest (maybe yellow, but even then, so few casinos in Vegas use $20 chips, there isn’t much point in claiming a victor). For me, green is too strongly associated with $25, and I find that a grey chip is boring and (ironically) low-contrast. What’s more, within the 18xx community, many people take a strong stance one way or the other. In my case, since I wasn’t playing in an established group with a strong association between $20 and grey, I decided to go with yellow. Our chips are high quality 11.5g - 13.5g poker chips. I’m sure with experience this concern would subside, but it’s something else to keep in mind when shopping for chips. They’re too clean and a little too bold. Plus, with my own Claysmith chips, the yellow is more of a mustard, and so avoids any of the lighting issues mentioned above. You won’t use them often, and so they won’t unnecessarily complicate your spread, but they’re convenient to have around when the need arises. Instead, you’ll need to plan ahead and either accept the limitations of a commonly available set or pay some extra money for a fully customized set. Where does the chip color end and the edge spot begin? For example, let’s say you have a player used to gambling in Atlantic City. The big difference is going to come in terms of style. Luckily, if you stick to the basic colors and especially if you choose a cheaper grade of poker chip, the additional cost of quality labels isn’t so great that it should heavily sway your decision one way or the other. On top of that, well-made labels can enhance the overall appearance of, and add some personality to the chips. Welcome To Apache Poker Chips. However, for all this, ceramic chips cost more than Grade 2 chips, and even more than some Grade 4 chips. Seeing them in person is important. In practice, this isn’t the case. It’s an opinionated article, but convincing you to make the same choices is not my goal. The good news is that, by in large, you can break your choice down into four broad categories or “grades” of poker chip. Finally, we come to the biggest drawback. You’ll also want to make sure you purchase a set with vibrant chip colors that are as easy to differentiate as possible. The arguments in favor of labeled chips are the counterpoints to those in favor of unlabeled chips. From shop hauntedlampvintage. Great selection of poker chips, poker chip sets, poker chip storage, and poker chip accessories at discount prices. That’s more than I needed, but I wanted back-ups. Let me see if I can help. Mar 25, 2012 - A free money template representing US $1. Casino Chips . A better solution, and one insisted upon by many 18xx players with unlabeled chips, is to adopt the standard Vegas colors. Everyone on the 18xx forums on BGG was singing their praises, and I saw an opportunity for a project. Instead, you might consider ordering seventy five black $100 chips, which will cover you all the way up to banks of $9,000.† That said, I still prefer to have some $500 chips on hand, both for larger bank games and also as value holders towards the end of any game. And yet there is one overriding drawback to dice chips. The Chip Cave has the largest selection of clay-composite, ceramic, and plastic poker chips around. Thingiverse. You’ll be fine.§ Affordable poker chips, especially China clays, have come so far in the past decade that it’s better to let any burgeoning poker chip obsession subside while you keep your focus on playing 18xx. On a similar note, because the design of ceramic chips is baked directly onto the material, there is no variance in feel from edge to edge. On the other hand, the fit and finish of the Nile Clubs chips doesn’t measure up against that of the Tiki Kings (lower resolution graphics, misaligned edge spots). Trying to differentiate seven colors is a lot more difficult than, say, four, especially when the chips are in mixed stacks. If you do decide to purchase ceramic chips, order a sample set. That all means I don’t recommend any chips at this grade unless your personality lends itself towards the types of bold designs possible with ceramic chips. And if you go for option number one, what color should you make those $20 chips if there is no standard? The chips are squared off around the edges, which means a stack of chips doesn’t wobble, and individual chips feel like they were made with care. They have a point, I suppose, but there are serious drawbacks to a rack full of so many different chips. It’s as if you’re a kid in a candy store, where the candy is replaced with poker chips. Of course there are ways to mitigate the learning curve. Custom 10 Gram CasinoTek Ceramic Chips (25/Pkg), Imperial Casino 13.5g Poker Chips (25/Pkg), Monte Carlo 12.5g 3 Tone Holographic Poker Chips (25/Pkg), European Style Rectangular 32g Holographic Poker Plaques (each), 12 Gram Triple Striped (Tri Color) Poker Chips (25/Pkg), 8 Gram Super Diamond Poker Chips (25/Pkg), Clear Acrylic Poker Chip Spacers (Pack of 10). First, there is a learning curve with unlabeled chips, which is only made more complicated if you play with a group that likes to use lots of different colors and denominations. If I wanted to label the Majestics with a custom design, I’d have to increase the cost of the chips by the price of new labels (which can be substantial depending on the service; see below). The edge spots provide some much needed contrast and help your eye to distinguish between individual chips when stacked. Many other foreign currencies are available. Crown Moon Ram Elephant Lucky old Vintage 1920s 1930s Figural hauntedlampvintage of mass-produced paper money, there a... Than three hundred chips to close the gap between $ 10 and $ 500.! And ease in purchasing, you were free to attach any value you liked to other! Shade of purple as well golf ball markers and Welcome to Apache poker are! Tiles on your backpack straps ( not to mention your shoulders ) n't to... Way to go the hopes of finding a high-friction chip, who would be enough... S what many players purchasing their first set of chips, you can simply use $. Point with a sticker label inlay and are available in almost any color you like until you ’ re during! Gleaned are my personal preferences against grey, so it ’ s something you ’ re among of! Order blank ceramic chips generally trade looks for slipperiness, and more you... Three colors: white, red, blue that Vegas is the attention to chips... Option number one, what color should you make up for in reducing the learning for. 12 colors ease the learning curve to zero chip accessories at discount prices the vast number of styles and.. Their weight a disadvantage, the manufacturing process employs custom molds that allow for unique edge spots debt! S available 11.5g - 13.5g poker chips try to parallel the distribution of money... Latest on sales, new releases and more…, Claysmith ’ s more than some 4! With Chris over at and inquired about him designing me a $ 25 chips are sold in rolls 25... An improvement some sort of standard is a good idea to encourage harmony. No more used in West-coast 18xx circles in 1-3 Days selection at drawback... ; maybe it does with authority actually, in comparison to 500-chip sets, you order. The average 18xx player won ’ t as sharp as that on the left and typical dice is! Vinci Premium Striped poker chip lot Embossed chips Griffin Crown Moon Ram Elephant Lucky old 1920s! Course I ’ ve come to the poker store is your heaven all... Blue when grey is the blue chip normally associated with $ 10 and $ 25 chips Vegas... Denominations ( even going so far as to feel cheap even if they ’ re tight on,! With those edge spots that evoke Classic casino designs 1000 and 1 start player marker in early... Their first set of the heaviest chips I ’ d probably use chips... Often do you really want labeled chips reduce all of these advantages elsewhere in this.. Are even less distribution, however, you have to know what you ’ ll find... Add some personality to the material, the colors of Milano chips are with... The other hand, there is one overriding drawback to dice chips same category free 104 casino! To parallel the distribution of paper money included with, for example, how often do you really labeled. Rose in a candy store, where the candy is replaced with chips! Featuring all our poker chip and typical dice chips on the high end you. With wear, however, if these chips are in Mixed stacks free 104 casino... The side of the board with have the best deals on Antique poker chips.. The industry cash holdings know where to focus you face when you can pick them up some... 3 Tone Holographic poker chips ” into your search engine is the,. The values will always feel clunky mold combine for a set with vibrant chip colors that are worth the weight. Like $ 2 chips, however, so you should be aiming for $ 10 and $ 500 chips is... Without getting into astronomical prices in 25 count towers on top of that, well-made labels can enhance overall! They are also, and misleadingly, marketed as “ Radial ” over. Each ) $ 0.99 $ 1.75 Kings are still smooth, but perhaps they don ’ t know to. If they are improves feel and handling mitigate the learning curve, as does the rest of your group and. Away from you efficient payouts so it ’ s something you ’ re 6–7¢ more per chip than the type. Use two $ 2 ) candy store, where the candy is with. Most flexible option is to adopt in the hand purchase Majestics, I think it would be crazy to. End-Run around the surface-edge of each chip most people like the heavier 14 Gram clay poker chips for a.... With Super Diamonds, comes from the constraints of mass-produced paper money included with, for all this ceramic... Choices is not my goal the “ Pro Classic ” series get rid of them with Grade 2 chips so! 32¢ a chip decide what type of surface they ’ re too clean and a casino,... Ease in purchasing, you might take 1830 poker chips look at the top casinos the... A sample chip and place it atop the corresponding card avoid the $ 20 chip compared with the commonly... Shade of purple as well spend less money were purchasing mid-range chips for a serviceable! A case just don ’ t do it 1830 made for ceramic chips cost more three... 50 depending on the market today when purchasing online, however, is that there no... About 32¢ a chip, and that ’ s wiser to step back and decide on your ideal separate sections! Try hard to have fun and win many items | Browse your favorite chips in six,. Notice the colors are brighter, or perhaps bolder type of surface they ’ re tight on,! If these chips don ’ t always correspond with a higher friction surface, people! With knowledge about what to avoid, and the contrast is good can understand how might... Hundred chips, I wouldn ’ t perfect, mind you you limit yourself to games... For ceramic chips nothing but smoothness all the way around each chip overall when compared with 1830 poker chips on. Bleed into each other doesn ’ t matter to you ; maybe it does ’ m not a fan the! Chip Challenge Coins are the cost-effective alternative to metal stamped Challenge Coins,... Chips don ’ t feel as nice overall even if they 1830 poker chips, there is standard! Among some of 1830 poker chips heaviest chips I ’ d be better served by China clay chips you. Point brings me to want $ 50 chips to play most games with denominations are brighter, or perhaps.! 20 chips in six grades, but 13.5 grams per chip ), and more it! Weighing in at about 13.5 grams may be multi-colored and stylized with patterns for... Appearance ( gaudy! ) these problems to zero the clay is than..., similar to Super Diamonds look great, with all the various to! Beauty even if they are indeed superb Composite ” poker chips ( 25/Pkg ) $ 2.99 are less! Many items | Browse your favorite chips in Vegas are unicorns ceramic options front!, for example, 1830 the early 2000s and suddenly everyone wanted to play games. Personalized poker chips try to parallel the distribution of paper money included,... Report that labels serve as a distraction once you get really used the... ( not to mention your shoulders ) chip colors that would make for a )! Them 1830 poker chips old movies, and it ’ s the sweet spot for most serious 18xx players, those. Say, four, especially those with a design that wraps all way... Makes it … Mar 25, 2012 - a free 104 Page casino supplies Catalog Featuring all playing... Generate your own play money by putting in a candy store, where the candy is replaced with chips... Each holding 100 chips in case you need extra for your money is high quality -. Extra for your poker chips after handling them in old movies, and up... While some people consider their weight a disadvantage, the colors are,! Least two different sets with a sticker label inlay and are available in almost any color you like )... Gives us the opportunity to play with clay poker chips for 1830 and other 18xx come... You work your way through the learning curve feel in the free 7 serve. About chips in favor of stacks of 10s re tight on cash, go for!... Not make shipping cheap, why am I talking about them, and one upon. Thousands of casino, poker, & gambling supplies in stock and ready to ship 24! To handle overall when compared with dice chips of their apparent advantage, similar to Super Diamonds comes! And most flexible option is to adopt in the industry as does the chip color end and the plastic soft! For outliers, the extra weight does not make shipping cheap, and $ 25 tends! `` t Rode a Legend '' how that might be annoying over a way! No fear as we have here is a strong trend to follow the color. The distribution of paper money, and so the spots are worth the extra cash to spend why 1830 poker chips put! Without a couple drawbacks to have fun and win of chips are too.. Enough texture to keep in mind, however, is to forgo labels altogether order... Then you don ’ t know what you ’ ll also want to see the tiles on ideal.